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Made in the USA

In 2002 Peter and Terry create Milestone Cube Company. Their concept was to create a very special keepsake on a 2.5 inch maple cube. They bought a laser and started designing their first Cubes for an NFL Hall of Fame athlete.

Along the way they started to design cubes for all manner of special occasions or milestones.

Now with over 4,000 custom designed cubes made they have picked up some knowledge on how to use a laser technology on wood.

Their designs incorporate intricate inlays with a variety of organic materials that include mother of pearl, wood, Tauga Nut (Vegetable Ivory) and gold and silver pieces.

Both are accomplished woodworkers with Terry specializing in Shoji Screens. Peter with a portfolio of Arts and Crafts, Greene and Greene, and Shaker styled furniture to his credit.

The wood working team recently exhibited their work at the Saville Gallery this past May.

A spur of the moment decision to purchased a used lathe has led them a another journey that gives the opportunity to blend the laser, wood and the lathe to create  turned pieces that are either not possible or cost prohibitive to produce.

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To get an idea of the type of workmanship they have been producing the last 10 years.